Just over two weeks before Round 1 of the 2020 Masters, a hilarious video of reigning U.S. Open champion Bryson DeChambeau emerged on Tuesday. DeChambeau had just the week before Instagrammed himself carrying a drive 403 yards (albeit with a 20 mile-per-hour wind) and was now being filmed launching golf balls into some ambiguous horizon with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck blasting over the speakers.

DeChambeau played the role of a sort of meathead performing for other meatheads who chirped and gawked at his ability to drive the golf ball as far as he could and also at his raspy chortling of how many miles per hour his golf ball was traveling (208 in one part of the video). The entire thing would be some sort of bizarre performance art if only it weren’t so earnest. Bryson, because his entire enterprising plan was…

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