Famously (or infamously), first-time participants at the Masters have not thrown on a green jacket since Fuzzy Zoeller did so in 1979. Many have tried, but not even Tiger Woods succeeded (he won in his third attempt after two misses as an amateur). 

There are many ways in which this has to be a perfect storm of events. You need to be talented enough that you’re probably playing the Masters at a young age but not so talented (or lucky) that you get into it as an amateur. Winning the Masters as an amateur is more or less an impossibility in golf’s current landscape.

Interestingly, there are actually a number of golfers who — amid of myriad circumstances — align nicely with how you would envision a first-time participant pulling off what only Zoeller (1979), Horton Smith (1934) and Gene Sarazen (1935) have done…

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