There is a preposterous amount of money at stake at the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club this week. When the PGA Tour bumped the postseason prize money up last year, it allocated $45 million of it to be distributed to the 30 players who made it to East Lake. First prize is $15 million, but everyone in the top eight gets at least $1 million and everyone in the top 20 gets over $500,000.

Like I said, a preposterous amount of money.

Golf is different from most other sports. When we talk about golf, we talk about legacies and trophies and who won the most tournaments. What we sometimes forget is how much of a meritocracy it is. How you go out each week and earn a performance-based paycheck. Finishing high on leaderboards is not the only way to make money as a pro golfer, but it’s the most wide-reaching.


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