Few courses evoke the type of excitement, emotion and memories of championship-level golf that Winged Foot Golf Club evokes. It is on a first-name basis with serious golf fans in the same way as Augusta National, Oakmont, Shinnecock and Pebble Beach. There is great reason for that.

Some places are just … different. They’re special. They’re preternaturally loaded with all the aura and depth that every course essentially strives to achieve. Some courses just have it.

Winged Foot is one of those courses. You will hear this from players throughout this week of U.S. Open golf, and while some of it resides in the mystical, inexplicable realm where great golf courses go to become iconic, there are also actual reasons behind Winged Foot’s reputation. Here are a few of them to know ahead of the 120th U.S. Open. 

1. It…

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