Nearly five years since he was carted off the track at the Rio Games with a torn Achilles, Trayvon Bromell attributes his remarkable comeback to one thing: An act of God.

The devoutly religious sprinter has endured a litany of injuries on and off the track in his 25 years: breaking both his knees, and fracturing his arm and hip, before the pivotal injury in 2016 that threatened his career and sent him on a multi-year journey of recovery.

That he is even competing again after a two-year absence is a testament to his odds-defying will to succeed. That he’s a favourite to win the 100-metres in Tokyo is enough to make a believer out of anyone.

“People want to make it all, you know, luck – No. Science – No. I’m sorry,” he told Reuters ahead of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials that kick off this week.

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