For years, whenever she walked away from meets after one or two big jumps, Anju Bobby George would notice a strange look in the eyes of fellow long-jumpers and officials.

“People used to look at me suspiciously then after my one-jump meets. They may have wondered why I was not jumping further,” said the Olympian and India’s lone World Championships medallist. “This revelation clears everything.”

Anju had been carrying a secret for nearly two decades, and she chose to reveal it in a tweet recently: The 2003 Paris Worlds bronze medallist was born with just one kidney instead of two.

“It was a top secret. You all thought I was a perfect athlete, but I often gave hints without revealing the full details. I used to have swelling in my leg frequently. There used to be heavy pain, but I could not take painkillers because I was allergic to them. I suffered blackouts when I took…

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