In a world that encourages one to dream big, it is hard to stay focused and be in the moment. But, if you do, you may progress way beyond your dreams, in a way Apurvi Chandela has done.

Talking on Instagram to shotgun marksman Manavaditya Rathore, a champion in the making and son of Olympic silver medallist Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, the 27-year-old Apurvi, gave an insight into the mindset of a champion, who has scaled great heights in a short time.

“I saw Michael Phelps at the dining hall in the Rio Olympics. I also met some famous tennis players. It was special being out there with them. I never thought that I would reach that far, when I started,” said Apurvi.

An injury in the run up to the Olympics had upset her plans, and Apurvi was shattered not to be at her best on the biggest stage for sports. An introvert, and now “heart broken”, she further went into a cocoon, thinking about…

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