Asian champion Divya Kakran has restricted her sparring to only ‘Greco-Roman’ moves as she is confined to her home due to the lockdown.

Divya, who lives with her younger brother Deepak and friend Neena in Delhi, is focusing on her fitness apart from doing some sparring. “My brother is over 100kg and my friend, who is also a guide for me, is around 50kg, so I get to spar with higher and lower weight wrestlers. Since there is no mat, we spar like Greco-Roman wrestlers without any ground wrestling,” Divya told Sportstar.

“I am consulting my coach Vladimir Mestvrishvili on a daily basis and training around five hours a day.”

Divya, who will turn 22 next month, said her game improved after being guided by Mestvrishvili. “Earlier, I used to do a lot of futile effort. The coach told me where to focus and the importance of applying techniques. I used to get overawed by the…

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