Overwhelmed that the Australians devised a short ball strategy against him, Indian batsman Shreyas Iyer says it can best be tackled by adopting a counter-offensive approach and taking advantage of the field placing.

Josh Hazlewood got Iyer into a tangle with a well-directed bouncer in the first ODI while he gave a better account of himself in the second game where he scored 38 off 36 balls.

“I am really happy that they are coming up with a plan (against me),” Iyer said on the eve of the inconsequential third ODI when asked about the home team peppering him with short-pitched stuff.

“I feel overwhelmed and take it as a challenge. But I thrive under pressure and it motivates me to go against them. I feel it (a short leg and leg gully) helps to take advantage and score more runs and make best use of it,” said India’s number four batsman.

Playing the short stuff is all about…

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