Just days after their last elected president spent a night in jail, members of Football Club Barcelona will vote for a new one to steer the club out of its most tumultuous period in recent memory.

Over 110,000 members are eligible to cast ballots on Sunday to choose from three men: former president Joan Laporta, businessman Víctor Font, and longtime board member Toni Freixa.

The winner — to be announced late Sunday night — will inherit a club facing daunting problems.

Barcelona’s reputation of being a socially conscientious institution expressed in its slogan “More than a club” has been tarnished by an odd scandal that has bloomed into a police investigation into alleged misdoing.

The so-called “Barçagate” centered on allegations that the former executive board had hired an internet services company to spread negative messages about its own players and opponents on social media to…

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