Golf fans might see something they’ve never seen before on the PGA Tour this week (other than a player who has never won on the PGA Tour before winning the Tournament of Champions as Scottie Scheffler and Abraham Ancer are poised to do). They might see a 500-yard drive from the biggest hitter and fastest swinger in the game.

Bryson DeChambeau’s entire game is built around swing speed and distance. He said this week that he wants to reach 210 MPH ball speed at some point in his career, which is a laugh-out-loud number (that he will probably reach). The current fastest ball speed ever recorded on the PGA Tour belongs to DeChambeau from earlier this season at 199.55 MPH.

To be clear, Bryson has reached 200 MPH when hitting balls into a net at his home (or Chris Como’s living room), but he has not done so when being…

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