Riding on the confidence gained by winning the second set, Magnus Carlsen claimed the opening game of the third set to lead 1.5-0.5 midway through the best-of-four rapid games in the $300,000 Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals on Sunday.

Carlsen, who bounced back to win the second set 3.5-0.5 after emerging victorious in the second blitz game, nailed Nakamura with black pieces to start the third set.

In this Ruy Lopez game, Carlsen gained from an error of judgement from Nakamura on the 22nd turn and then went on to collect two pawns to inch closer to victory. Nakamura gave up after 45 moves. The second game ended in just 17 moves. The first player to win four sets will claim the title and $140,000.

On Saturday, Carlsen bounced back after the loss of the first game. Between two 14-move drawn encounters, in Game Two and Four, the World champion was lucky to win the third and catch up with…

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