Ding Liren pulled off a stunning upset of an-form Magnus Carlsen while Hikaru Nakamura bounced back to tame Daniil Dubov in a thrilling opening day of the semifinals of the $300,000 Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals on Sunday.

The first set of the best-of-five contest saw Ding and Carlsen locked at 3.5-3.5 after the drawn Armageddon game. Since Carlsen played the drawn game with white, the set was awarded to Ding.

The day provided loads of decisive games, besides drama surrounding the third rapid game and the first blitz encounter involving Carlsen and Ding.

Ding’s well-crafted win in the first game stood nullified after Carlsen clinched the second. The third game saw Carlsen declared “lost on time” after Ding’s 26th move, but it was soon clarified that Ding’s move had not registered on Carlsen’s computer. The game resumed after the glitch was set right, and Ding went on to…

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