Like other sportspersons, wrestlers know how to use smartphones for their training. The compulsion of staying indoors has made them friendlier with the device.

“As shown in the Dangal movie, a few years ago people used to mock technology and say, ‘Are you going to teach wrestling on mobile phones?’ Now it’s a reality. The mobile phone is an asset which keeps one connected with one’s coach and helps in getting inputs,” Kripa Shankar Patel, who taught wrestling to the actors of Dangal, told Sportstar.

“Even as I take care of my ailing father and do my training for World veterans’ championships, I get several calls from wrestlers who seek help. I help them through video chats and other apps. Lockdown has definitely spread the use of technology among wrestlers,” said Patel, an Arjuna award-winning wrestler-turned-coach-turned-referee.

Lockdown diaries: Training is…

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