For 16-year-old Madhuri Patel, restricting her training to mostly physical fitness for over three months is the best way to stay in touch with wrestling.

The teenager from Borgaon in Khandwa region of Madhya Pradesh can hardly change the situation arising out of the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, nobody can.

“Madhuri, like all the wrestlers, is not able to do sparring and practise other techniques. For a youngster, every day is valuable. The time lost now will not come back. It’s like going back one or two years in her game,” said Madhuri’s father Jagdish Patel, a wrestler who initiated his daughter to the sport.

“The schedule got spoiled. Since there is no camp, the whole burden of her diet is on me now. The stoppage came when she was really doing well. Now, this limited training will affect her speed,” said Jagdish.

Madhuri, a National School Games medallist and a national…

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