Happy Friday, my friend! You’ve made it through the week and you’ve got plenty of treats waiting for you now. Not only do we have the Masters all weekend (hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit more over the next few days) but we’ve also got lots of football coming our way. Good vibes protocol: Engage. 

And aside from sports, it’s also a very strong entertainment Friday. There’s a new Chris Stapleton album waiting for your ears, plus an incredible “Iris” cover from Phoebe Bridgers & Maggie Rogers that I might eventually dare to say is better than the original. Oh, and a brand-new “Call of Duty” is out today, too! It’s not a bad day to be locked in the house after all. 

If you need any additional entertainment over the weekend, you know where to find me. Give me a shout on Twitter and send me pictures of what…

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