Robbie Fowler is a familiar name to those who followed the Premier League. The Liverpool FC legend and England striker is currently a resident of India, donning the gaffer’s cap for century-old club East Bengal.

This is his third assignment in his new role as manager ever since he hung up the boots for his club and country.

Fowler opens up to the questions from Sportstar on various aspects of football and his long involvement with the sport.

You had quite a successful career as a player, and now you are enjoying success in the role of a manager. Which is more challenging?

The easy answer, I think, is as a manager. As a player, you are entirely focusing on your job of excelling in a particular role, but as a manager, you have to do so much more. You have to look at four five positions – defenders, strikers, midfield, wing-backs and goalkeepers. You are not only looking at that, but…

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