Combination of straight deliveries and pink ball skidding on the pitch, spelled out, for batsmen with medium technique

Attack the stumps

The greatest strength of the Axar Patel left arm spinner is their ability to play consistently in one spot. On Day 1 in particular, he and Ashwin weren’t getting a consistent turn. Instead, they dragged the ball across the surface. So they played faster, sowing doubt in the minds of the English. Should I play on the front or back foot? Should I use the sweep?

“Because when the batsman comes back to fuller balls a bit, there’s a good chance he’s either LBW or bowling, ”Axar explained.

England spinner Jack Leach also fired Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane with similar quick and slippery deliveries.

The shortcomings of the drummers

Before blaming the field, the batsmen of both teams should review their dismissal methods. Most of them were either LBW or bowling. It was because the batsmen played for the round, but the ball skidded. Another reason that contributed to their downfall is that they replayed the deliveries they should have come forward on. It’s probably because they didn’t trust their defense. “I think it’s just a lack of focus, indecision, or too much going through your head when you play for the turn, but get beaten on the inside. I think the beaters need to be a lot more confident in their defense than they are right now, ”Kohli said.

Additional lacquer

The extra shine on the pink ball was expected to help the stimulators. But the slip of the ball made Axar a big threat, as the batsmen were beaten by the pace rather than the turn. “I feel on the pink ball there is a bit more shimmer (shine), because of which the ball was slipping a bit more from the wicket, and I had the LBW rulings because of that,” agreed Joe Root. “I think in that wicket the ball was a big factor -the hardness of the stitching – the plastic coating compared to the red SG meant it almost picked up a pace if it hit the shiny side – a lot of those wickets on them. two sides, the LBW and the pins had to be made for an inside beat pace – if you look at some of the replays the batsmen probably ended up in the right position, but because the pace was picking up off the wicket, it was hard.

Drummer muscle memory

After Thursday’s 10-wicket victory, a member of the Indian team told the Indian Express, “The problem with the pink ball is that it slips a lot faster than the red ball. But the pink ball comes much faster. This is a major problem. ”

Use of sub-knives by Axar

The English drummers just couldn’t choose him. With a slightly round looseness, with a scrambled seam, he managed to spin the ball and go straight. There was no major change in the release or sewing position. Confused batsmen began to revert to fuller deliveries or stab at the wrong line. Axar also made good use of the lower knives, using the pink ball’s propensity to skid to torment the beaters. When the ball landed on the bright side, it went faster. Without a vertical seam, the drummers were largely ignorant.


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