A teen sensation in every aspect, Anish Bhanwala is not content with only his awe-inspiring shooting resume, which features prominently his feat as India’s youngest Commonwealth Games gold medallist.

Having scored 90 per cent recently in his class XII board exam, the 17-year-old Anish has made up his mind on higher studies.

Anish is planning to enrol for an undergraduate course in Bachelors in Business Administration and then top it with a masters program.

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“I will study from the Manav Rachna University which is very close to the Karni Singh Shooting Range. After BBA, I will do MBA. It’s good to have professional degrees for a secure future,” Anish told PTI on Tuesday.

His chosen 25m rapid-fire event doesn’t allow him the liberty to go full throttle while training at home, but regardless of the limitation,…

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