As Kieran Trippier was trying to secure a move from Tottenham, the England defender was sending messages on WhatsApp to keep friends updated with the progress of the transfer.

They were more than just keen on knowing which country Trippier would be moving to. They hoped to personally make a bit of cash, too, on him leaving England for Spain to join Atletico Madrid.

“Shall I lump on you going there?” one friend — who owns a personal assistant service for sports stars — texted Trippier on the evening of July 14, 2019.

“Can do mate,” Trippier replied.

The friend wanted certainty: “100% Tripps?”

“Yeah mate,” the player responded. “Don’t blame me if something goes wrong. … It shouldn’t but just letting you no.”

Then Trippier added, using a term for betting: “Lump on if you want mate.”

Kieran Trippier suspension temporarily halted by FIFA


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