When Coroebus, a cook, won the first recorded event at the Ancient Olympic Games in 776 B.C., one could imagine the crowd that rushed to embrace him. Athletes ran naked those days at Olympia in Greece and Coroebus ran something like 200 yards on a sanded course to come up with the most glorious moment of his life. There is something fascinating about the sprint, for, the 630 feet race which roughly comes to 192m or about a length of the stadium those days, was the lone event at the Olympiad, held every four years, for some 13 editions. The race was called the ‘stade’ and the word stadium came from that.

Centuries later, when the modern Olympics came into being in 1896 in Athens, Greece, the first race in the Games was the 100m and American Francis Lane won the first heat, becoming the first man to win a race at the Olympics. Another American Thomas Burke — basically a…

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