I write this letter with a heavy heart & a deep sense of embarrassment. I’m old enough to know that one doesn’t talk ill of the dead. And I hope you are also old enough to be in the know of my personal relationship with Late Arun Jaitley was never quite on the same page.

Let’s say we weren’t really cricketing buddies when he was the President of DDCA. My reservations about the choice of people he handpicked to run the day to day affairs of DDCA is well known. I remember walking out from a meeting at his residence when he was unable to throw out a rowdy element using terribly foul language. I think I was too headstrong … too old school … & too proud an Indian cricketer to be co-opted into the corrupt darbar of sycophants Arun Jaitley mustered at the Kotla during his stewardship.

It pains me no end to point out the far from flattering facts about DDCA’s unsavoury past, but…

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