The COVID-19 lockdown may have dented the morale of many athletes but for GM Harsha Bharathakoti it has offered an opportunity worth cherishing – to share thoughts on the 64 squares with one of the best brains in Indian chess, GM Dronavalli Harika.

The 20-year-old Harsha, now training online mostly because of the pandemic, says it is a joy to work with someone like ‘Harika Akka’.

“She is such an experienced and class player and I am sure I will be a much better player in the days to come after these online, interactive sessions with her who is preparing for the next Olympiad,” he says in a chat with Sportstar.

 “She explains how intense the competition and the high standards the game will be at a higher grade. She also explains how the mindset of a player should be, like how to mentally prepare and stay focussed for the huge challenges,” says the 2019 International…

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