Pritam Siwach cannot stop crying. She answers the phone normally enough but breaks down when you just mention the name ‘Kaushik’.

Hum to jo hain, jahan hain unhi ki wajah se hain, gaon se dhoond ke uthaya tha unhone mujhe, aisa lagta hai mere father chale gaye (Whatever and wherever we are today is because of him only. He picked me out from obscurity as a kid. It feels like I have lost my father),” she sobs.

Hockey India mourns death of former player George Fernandez

The 46-year-old former captain and one of the finest players ever is just one of many players whose lives Maharaj Krishan Kaushik touched and changed. For several generations, he was simply ‘Kaushik saab’. A coach par excellence, a brilliant man manager and unassuming to a fault, Kaushik was a rarity in Indian hockey, someone who knew how to motivate a player to give more than he knew he could.


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