Deepak Chahar is deadly when he gets help from conditions but even more menacing when someone tries to deflate his confidence like a random troll did after an indifferent first IPL game.

Cricketers often say that they are not bothered by criticism on social media, but on the contrary Chahar cited an instance where a random fan wrote on his social media page that CSK should “drop him” from the next game.

“Expectations are high here and you have to perform in every game. so this is for that man, who made the comment, if I would not have played, this performance might have not come,” Chahar told IPL’s official website.


Made full use of conditions on offer

Chahar, on his part, admitted that the help off the pitch was advantageous for him.

“Looking at today’s wicket and today’s performance, I must say that Wankhede is my favourite ground because you get help in the starting (from the…

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