When the seeds of the Indian Premier League (IPL) were sown in the latter half of 2007, many felt it was the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI’s) knee-jerk reaction to the rival Indian Cricket League (ICL). There were skeptics — even within the BCCI boardroom — who thought the IPL founding chairman (who took great pride in being a self-anointed commissioner and had the full backing of the then BCCI chief) was being shortsighted in launching an ambitious project.

Perhaps they were right. The kind of controversies IPL has been dragged into over the years just proves that it’s far from a perfect product. But when it comes to the quality of cricket and the business side, the BCCI seems to have hit the bull’s eye. No doubt, even the now-sidelined IPL founding chairman would not have envisaged that his calculated risk of amalgamating cricket, entertainment and…

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