Magnus Carlsen needed just three games, spread over two hours, to complete a commanding 2.5-0.5 victory over Ian Nepomniachtchi in the second set for the $150,000 chess24 Legends of Chess title on Tuesday.

After battling to win the first set 4-2 by sweeping the two blitz games on Monday, Carlsen stretched his winning run by clinching the first rapid game in 27 moves and battled harder in a complicated second game to take a 2-0 lead.

Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi: As it happened

Nepomniachtchi erred early, traded his rook for a bishop but thereafter for nearly 50 moves, Carlsen searched for victory that eventually came after 76 turns.  Needing only a draw to close the final with a set to spare, Carlsen attained a better position and split the point in 36 moves.

Carlsen’s victory also helped Ding Liren qualify for the Tour’s Grand Final beginning on August 9. Ding was second on the…

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