World number five junior paddler Swastika Ghosh is facing acute financial crisis due to the coronavirus-forced lockdown and is struggling to even pay the room rent in Mumbai.

Swastika’s father Sandeep, who is also her coach-cum-training partner, is rendered jobless for more than four months and he is finding it difficult to pay the rent of the house they are staying in Navi Mumbai.

Sandeep was a table tennis coach at a public school but since the lockdown, he is under “no work, no pay.” He has been forced to spend all his provident fund savings to make the ends meet.

“Everyday Swastika needs food supplements worth about Rs 1200 to compensate for her six hours training. Everything has stopped now and if the lockdown continues like this we may have to quit and return to Bengal,” the Level 2 coach, who has been in Mumbai since 1992, said.

UTT extends support to campaign helping…

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