Needing a victory to force the tie-breaking seventh set, Magnus Carlsen produced a masterly performance that nailed Hikaru Nakamura 3-1 and levelled the match at 3-3 in the $300,000 Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals on Wednesday.

Despite nursing a sprain back suffered during a short swim, half an before the start of the set, Carlsen showed he had enough motivation to regain his edge and an advantage in the tie.

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Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Final: Carlsen beats Nakamura in set 6


Carlsen won the first game in a cavalier fashion. He gave up two pawns on the queen’s side to help his pieces control important squares. Soon he sacrificed his knight to rip open the fortress of Nakamura’s castled king. He bravely traded his rook for a knight to pave the way for a deadly attack and eventually chased Nakamura’s king from one flank to the other.

Nakamura had a chance to draw…

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