Hello and welcome to the highlights of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals.


Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura played out a well-fought 49-move draw to kick-start the best-of-seven-set title clash of the $300,000 Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals on Friday.

Nakamura, the highest-rated blitz player in the world, showed he was not intimidated by the favourite and came out of a briefly worrying position to prove equal.

Carlsen opted for the Sicilian Najdorf and drove the game into an unfamiliar territory for Nakamura. From the 14th move, Carlsen chose to invest more time in making progress. As a result, by the 21st move, he had burnt five minutes more than Nakamura.


With the kings castled on the opposite flanks, queens off the board and 12 pawns in play, Carlsen offered a central pawn on the 22nd move….

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