Manchester City has embellished its first road to Premier League glory with the freshly-launched 2021-22 home kit by Puma. 

The side has been called ‘noisy neighbours’, ‘oily’ Manchester and ‘Empty-had’ – sobriquets valued by Manchester United which once sat on the throne. That is all history now. 

Manchester City has won four Premier League titles in the last five years and finished as runner-up in the last year’s Champions League.  The ‘noise’ that its fans made, now breathes of silverware, and Etihad echoes – “Hey Jude!”

All of it began a decade ago, with an assist in stoppage time that followed up to a goal. The goal – one that immortalised “Agueroooooooooo!” – a moment that saw City bring the title home after 44 years.

The ‘Perfect’ tribute

The new kit relives that very moment with a striking all-over repeated graphic of a digital clock,…

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