My parents (mother Om Pyari and father Balwant Singh Punia) have inculcated some good qualities in me. My mother especially has been a big influence on me and her inspirational words have made me a hard-working individual.

In my career, my mother’s biggest contribution is that she never put pressure on me. She never said, “You have to do this, you have to do that.” There were a lot of people around to put pressure on me. My mother always supported me and showered her unconditional love and affection on me. She always told me that I should focus on whatever I like to do. She inspired me to have faith in god and work hard.

Irrespective of whether I win or lose in a tournament, I always get the same affection from my mother. If I lose somewhere, instead of getting disappointed, she tells me to work even harder. “Your opponent’s mother sent her son to win as well. Someone has to…

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