Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho said on Tuesday that being older and wiser has given him better perspective on how to deal with the club’s recent run of poor results because his younger self would have floundered under such intense pressure.

Asked ahead of Wednesday’s Europa League last-32 second leg with Wolfsberger how a young Mourinho would have coped with the team’s form, the 58-year-old told reporters: “Thank God I’m not the manager I was.

“Because if there’s no evolution in us… I would not be as calm and confident and in control of my emotions because in my career I had sometimes problems not in relation to results… I did not have many bad runs of results.

“But with day-to-day problems that happen in clubs with all of us I reacted previously in a more emotional way and instead of helping myself and the ones around me, I was creating a kind of conflict situation,” he…

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