Continuing his dream-run, Hikaru Nakamura stunned Magnus Carlsen in the first game of the second set to inch closer to a possible 2-0 lead in the seven-set title-clash of the $300,000 Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour on Saturday.

Having stopped Carlsen 2.5-1.5 in the first set on Friday, Nakamura once again thrived in a messy position after the World champion appeared to have got his move-order wrong for his home preparation. At one point, Carlsen spent 11 minutes for a move. Later, Carlsen’s decision to trade his bishop for a knight on the queen’s side gave Nakamura the advantage he was looking for.

Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Final: Nakamura leads Carlsen 2.5-1.5

What followed was Carlsen’s sacrifice of a knight on the 23rd move in order to find a checkmating combination on the kingside. But Nakamura defended the position very well. A desperate Carlsen temporarily gave up his…

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