One day his story could be a blockbuster on the silver screen. Such is the toil, the sacrifice, the drama and the passion behind his tale.

Thangarasu Natarajan has seen poverty from close where the next meal was a challenge. Son of a daily wage construction labourer, Natarajan was up against it from the start.

From there, to the present day when he has been picked in the Indian team for the Twenty20 series in Australia. His journey is surely one of guts and glory.

Cricket was his passion. It was also a relief, an escape from the life he was leading.

His is a remarkable against-all-odds narrative, from the dusty lanes of Chinnappampatti, a hamlet near Salem, to the demanding highway of the Indian Premier League, and then to the Indian team.

From breaching defences with a tennis ball to shattering stumps with a leather ball, from obscurity to making headlines.

At 29, he is not young but…

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