Elite athletes across the globe use visualisation as a tool to accelerate performance. Picturing yourself at the competition venue and envisioning the performance you want to put in is regarded as a strong method to help athletes manifest what they want to achieve. Visualisation, an essential part of modern-day training, also serves as a reliable dose of confidence. 

India’s top javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, touted as one of India’s brightest medal prospects at Tokyo, says he has already had a few rounds of throws at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, where the men’s javelin qualifying begins on August 4. He has been there for a while, mentally at least.

“I keep visualising my throws in Tokyo. I imagine the setting and the area and how I will perform. I do this so that it won’t feel like a new experience when I am actually there and so that I won’t be overwhelmed by the…

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