Olympic-bound race walker K.T. Irfan and four other elite track-and-field athletes have returned negative for COVID-19 in a confirmatory second test at Sports Authority of India’s Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru, the nodal body said on Friday.

Irfan was among five athletes who tested positive for COVID-19 at the SAI’s Centre of Excellence in a weekly test conducted on May 7.

But the SAI on Friday confirmed that all these athletes, who have got their first jab of COVID-19 vaccine on April 29, have returned negative in the second test conducted on Thursday.

“All have tested negative in the second test conducted yesterday, the results of which came this morning. All athletes at the SAI campus across the country are being tested on a weekly basis,” a SAI source told PTI.

A total of 16 tests were conducted on Friday, which included two steeplechase athletes, two male race walkers, a male…

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