India won the Olympic Hockey Championship and thus retained the world title, which has been theirs for the last quarter of a century, beating Holland decisively by six goals to one in the final played at the Helsinki Olympic hockey ground, Finland. The match was a personal triumph for Balbir Singh, the Indian centre-forward, who scored five goals for his country.

The Indian forward line moved in accordance with a carefully prepared plan, which was brilliantly executed by the skipper K.D. Singh ‘Babu’ and centre-forward, Balbir Singh.

The clouds vanished from the sky, and the sun shone over the ground soon after the start. This helped the Indians, who went about their task with determination and skill on a ground, which was not particularly affected by yesterday’s drizzle.

A day with the hockey legend Balbir Singh


Balbir Singh was simply brilliant, and it was the excellent form of…

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