India retained its bronze title by defeating Holland by 2-1. The match winner was scored by Mukhbain who converted a short corner with just a minute left for the final whistle.

India’s forward line-up showed a change. Kulwant had been dropped and Govinda from outside left played at centra and Harcharan Singh got his well deserved chance to play at the left wing. Harbinder was retained. He made several beautiful moves but continued to lose possession of the ball when fiercely tackled and was slow too. But it should be said that this was his best match.

Charles, who had replaced Manuel at the goal in the seccnd session of India’s match against Pakistan two days ago, continued in his position. Holland obtained a short corner award, the justification of which all did not see eye to eye. Ajitpal’s clearance when a Dutch forward tackled him did not look dangerous at all. The short corner…

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