After wearing the Olympic hockey crown from 1928 when the game was re-introduced in the Olympic programme, India surrendered the title today to her neighbour Pakistan losing by the narrowest of margins. The result once again proved that no country or no person could hold the championship in any sport for a long time, and India perhaps had a record in hockey, having won this title six times in succession. Now every effort should be made to regain the title in Tokyo in 1964.

Pakistan truly deserved their win, though at one stage, if only Jaswant had utilised the chance that came his way in the first four minutes of play instead of shooting wide, we might have been one up, which would have made all the difference.

On the run of play, one felt that whichever team scored first would be the victors, and that proved true. In the twelfth minute, the Pakistan outside-right Noor Alam ran…

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