The four-month lockdown may have been frustrating for many, but World championships bronze medallist and Asian champion wrestler Ravi Kumar Dahiya is training hard without bothering too much about competitions.

Dahiya, who stayed back at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi to focus on his training, never got bored with his monotonous lifestyle.

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“Earlier, 200-250 wrestlers used to stay here. The number reduced to around 20 during the lockdown. Initially I felt the difference, but quickly I got used to the new atmosphere. Actually, I found it to be very relaxing. You just have to eat and train (amid social distancing and other safety protocols) and worry about nothing,” Dahiya told Sportstar.

“The pressure of competitions is immense. It plays on your mind in the run-up to a competition. About 10-12 days prior to an event, we…

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