All India Football Federation’s referees director Ravishankar Jayaraman feels the refereeing standards in the country have improved over the years and will get better with more exposure and experience.

Jayaraman’s comments came amid criticism of poor refereeing in the ongoing Indian Super League in Goa. “There has been an improvement but it is a gradual process. We have to think long-term,” said Jayaraman, who chaired an ‘Open Communication Forum’ organised by Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL) recently.

“It is a long-term investment we are doing into a human being. With new development methods now coming to us, I hope we get more top-quality referees sooner, who can not only go and officiate in ISL early in their career but aim to be AFC and FIFA panellists as well,” he added.

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The forum was attended by ISL…

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