When Sachin Tendulkar settles down for a brief chat on what he has been renowned for, his thoughts about the game flow as exquisitely as his straight drives with a willow in his hands. The master batsman discusses the possible impact that India’s series win in Australia will have down the years and how the 1996 World Cup has indirectly played a part in the recent exploits of the team.

Ishant Sharma is set to play his 100th Test during the series. How have you seen him evolve over the last decade and a half?

The first time I had a look at Ishant was even before he had played for India. He looked promising as a youngster. You could spot his talent. He stood apart. I felt here’s one guy who can play for India for a long time and he has not disappointed us.

Ishant Sharma: World Test Championship is like World Cup for me

From being a raw youngster with the licence to go all out…

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