The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has apologised and agreed to pay damages to France international footballer Mamadou Sakho for a drugs ban in 2016, British media reported on Wednesday.

The Crystal Palace centre back, who was a Liverpool player at the time, was investigated by UEFA and given a provisional 30-day ban in April 2016 after he tested positive for the fat burner Higenamine.

Crystal Palace’s Mamadou Sakho sues WADA over drug-test error

Sakho missed that year’s Europa League final against Sevilla and Euro 2016 as a result, but UEFA dismissed the doping case against him in July and later confirmed that Higenamine had not been on WADA’s list of prohibited substances at the time.

UEFA also criticised WADA for the lack of clarity over the status of Higenamine while WADA in turn released a statement rejecting UEFA’s criticism.

British media reported that a lawyer for…

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