The COVID-19 pandemic has robbed athletes of the freedom to train as per their convenience ahead of the all-important Olympic Games, says India’s ace shuttler K. Srikanth.

Multiple COVID tests and bio-bubbles have become the new normal for international athletes and Srikanth has experienced it all in the last few months.

“Things are not as smooth as they were before, this bio bubble and everything are little complicated to deal with and then with false positives happening, it becomes even more tricky,” Srikanth told PTI.

“You can’t complain if you get a positive result because you don’t know if it is actually a false positive, so things are very tough now.”

Srikanth, a former World No. 1, was left with a bloodied nose after going through multiple COVID tests ahead of the Thailand Open earlier this year. After that, he had to withdraw from Toyota Thailand Open and stay confined…

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