Tens of thousands of fans, many weeping but eager to honour Diego Maradona, filed past the coffin of Argentina’s most iconic football star on Thursday, some confronting police who tried to maintain order at the country’s presidential mansion.

Fans blew kisses as they passed Maradona’s wooden casket in the main lobby of the presidential Casa Rosada. Some struck their chests with closed fists and shouted, “Let’s go Diego.”

The casket was covered in an Argentine flag and the No. 10 shirt he famously wore the national team. Dozens of other shirts of different football teams tossed in by weeping visitors were scattered on and around the casket.

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Maradona died on Wednesday of a heart attack in a house outside Buenos Aires where he had been recovering from a brain operation on November 3.

Open visitation, started at 6-15 a.m. after a…

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