Anjelina Nadai Lohalith, a 26-year-old refugee from South Sudan, pounds around a running track outside Nairobi, trying to shave seconds off her time in the build-up to her appearance at the Tokyo Olympics.

There are no national emblems on her training gear — she will not be running for South Sudan, the country of her birth that she fled in 2002, nor for Kenya, the country that took her in.

She will be one among a 29-strong team of refugee athletes competing under the Olympic flag, with other members from as far afield as Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iran.

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Lohalith used to dream of getting on a plane and seeing the world. “Then I realised, oh, I have a talent that can take me far.”

Her particular talent is the 1,500 metres. “If I could just run under (four minutes) 30 … it would be a big achievement.”

That may not be…

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