International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice-president Anita DeFrantz said she admired Sha’Carri Richardson for coming clean on her cannabis use which resulted in the American sprinter accepting a one-month ban and missing the Tokyo Games.

Richardson was aiming to become the first American woman to win the Olympic 100m title in 25 years but said earlier this month she used the banned substance to cope with the death of her mother.

“I have great admiration for the U.S. athlete. She is extraordinary,” DeFrantz told Politico.

“With her integrity she said ‘yes, I did it. Here’s what happened, I was in a terrible position, there was no one there for me, I just learned from a stranger that my biological mother had passed away and so I went to the depths of despair and I did something I should not have’.

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“She’s been very…

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