Despite being tied down with a three-month lockdown, the number of coronavirus cases in the country is rising alarmingly each day. But one thing many have noticed is that the fear of the virus is long gone.

“It’s all about being responsible but that’s missing here,” said N. Annavi, the former high jump national record holder from Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.

“Everyone is taking it casually. Some of my friends even wanted to go on a trip. I keep telling them, only the fear has gone but the virus is still around,” said long jump national record holder M. Sreeshankar from Palakkad in Kerala.

Concept of ‘news’ has changed in the time of coronavirus

“We were really overconfident that we are athletes, that we are fit, that the virus wouldn’t hit us but after tennis stars (world No. 1 Novak) Djokovic and (Grigor) Dimitrov, two of the fittest athletes in the world,…

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