Athletes have often come up with strange and novel defences when they fail dope tests. A couple of years ago, an American sprinter had claimed that he had kissed his girlfriend so passionately that her sinus medication had entered his body.

A few years before that, a Dutch cyclist had argued that pigeon pie – the bird was doped – was the reason for his positive test and in India, athletes often put up the ‘I didn’t know’ excuse when they are caught.

Now, with a year to go for the Olympics, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has launched a new interactive education course on its Anti-Doping eLearning Platform (ADeL) for athletes and coaches aiming to go to Tokyo.

The course, ‘ADeL for Tokyo 2020 Olympics’, has been developed by WADA in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee and the International Testing Agency (ITA) which will independently manage the…

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